45 Min Interactive Play Session




If you’d like to book a 45 min play session with one of our teachers, please purchase the product here.

At Kidnetic Education, we understand the importance of play in promoting healthy childhood development. Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, physical, cognitive, and emotional strengths. Play is an important part of healthy brain development. Through play, children at early ages, learn to engage and interact in the world.

However, given our hectic schedules, it is hard to find time to spend with your children through quality play. Our teachers unlock the magic of your new toy for your child by personalising an amazing educational play experience just for them.

We offer discounts if you purchase packages of 10 hours or more a month. For more information, please contact us at info@kidnetic.co and we’re happy to discuss with you and learn more about your child’s needs.

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