Circuit Scribe – Basic Kit



How your kids will benefit: Explore basic circuit concepts, create their own circuits and create inventions using nothing more than magnetic pieces and conductive ink!

For Age:  8 & Up

Circuit Scribe Basic Kit – Includes STEM Workbook, Conductive Silver Ink Pen, and Everything You Need to Learn, Explore, and Create Your Own Circuits and Switches!

  • CIRCUIT SCRIBE SUCCESS – Designed by PhD students at UIUC and Harvard, Circuit Scribe puts the power of conductivity into a pen, making the joy of creating circuits available to everyone who can doodle.
  • CREATIVE SCIENCE AT HOME – A perfect introduction to the more advanced concepts of circuitry, the maker kit helps build your understanding of inputs, outputs, and single processing with hands-on fun.
  • EXPLORE, LEARN, CREATE – In addition to more advanced circuitry, this kit lets you experiment with light sensing, timed circuits, piezoelectric materials, and more! With Circuit Scribe, making means learning.
  • GET BUILDING NOW – The Maker Kit has everything you need to start creating, inventing, and learning about circuitry right out of the box. It’s great for beginners and makes a perfect educational gift.
  • INCLUDES – 9V battery and adapter, 2 Bi-LEDs, SPST Switch, NPN Transistor, photoresistor, potentiometer, blinker, buzzer, silver ink conductive pen, STEM workbook, and more!

What’s in the Box

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