Cubelets – Robot Blocks



How your kids will benefit – a fast and easy way to inspire them to become better thinkers!

For Age:  4 & Up

The Cubelets TWELVE the best way to introduce children of all ages to robotics, coding, and design thinking. Winner of the Learning® Magazine 2018 Teachers’ Choice℠ Award for the Classroom. Cubelets are an expandable system of robot blocks, and the TWELVE the best mix of SENSE, THINK and ACT blocks for novice and experienced builders.

Cubelets were designed to teach the big lessons behind complex systems, design thinking, and emergence with tiny robots. Cubelets Twelve comes complete with everything inventors, young and old, need to build thousands and thousands of interactive robots. Instead of programming your robot’s behavior, you snap the Cubelets together and watch the behavior emerge like with a flock of birds or a swarm of bees. This kit contains Cubelets that are pre-loaded the newest Cubelets operating system, Cubelets OS 4.

Reprogram or control your robots when paired with the included Bluetooth® Cubelet. Use the included Brick Adapters to connect Cubelets with Lego®. Cubelets TWELVE includes 12 robot blocks and two Brick Adapters. Cubelets are perfect for builders young and old and are designed for curious creators ages 4+.

Modular Robotics Cubelets TWELVE robot blocks

  • Cubelets are a fast and easy way to inspire kids to become better thinkers
  • Includes two each of the Drive and Distance blocks and one each of Rotate, Flashlight, Brightness, Blocker, Inverse, Passive, Bluetooth, and Battery blocks
  • Two Brick Adapters allow for connection to your favorite brick-based construction kits
  • Battery Cubelet provides hours of continuous play. Micro-USB charging cable included.
  • Classroom-ready lesson plans, activities, and robot recipes to get started available online!

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