Kitki THREE STICKS Math Game Kit




How your kids will benefit – Leave them fascinated about the beauty of geometry and enhance their logical and creative thinking

For Age: 8 Years & Up

Three Sticks is a board game that takes geometry to the next level. Players are challenged to think creatively and use only three types of sticks to create geometric shapes. In each turn, players add two sticks to the board and earn points for the shapes created. With compelling game mechanics and exciting surprises, Three Sticks is a promising entertainer for both kids and adults.

Kitki THREE STICKS Math Game Puzzles For Kids Educational STEM Toys. Gifts For Boys & Girls Of Ages 8 & Up. Improves Geometry, Logical Thinking & Creativity.

  • Highly compelling game that develops creativity & curiosity.
  • Dynamic game play that presents new challenges every time.
  • Helps children learn geometry practically.
  • Excellent quality materials.
  • Ideal gift for kids of 8 years and above.

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