The Extraordinaires Design Studio




How your kids will benefit – a powerful learning tool that introduces them to the world of design, teaching them the foundations of design in a fun and engaging way.

For Age: 8 Years & Up

Jump into the world of design with The Extraordinaires Design Studio! Stretch your imagination as you design and invent things for extraordinary characters with extraordinary needs, like a giant who needs a place to learn or a pirate who wants a time-keeper. Choose an Extraordinaire and a project card – next use the think cards to help you think like a designer. Doodle and refine your idea until finally, you present your unique design. Jump into the world of design and discover the designer in you!

The Extraordinaires Design Studio: Deluxe – Teach Kids Design

  • The Extraordinaires are over the top characters with extraordinary needs, design objects to fit their worlds
  • 15 Character Cards – choose your design client, from a rap star to an evil genius
  • 15 Project Cards – Choose a design project, it could be a drinks carrier for a soldier or a gift for an acrobat
  • 30 Think Cards – A good designer always asks lots of questions, pick your card to help you perfect your design
  • Idea Pad, Designers’ Pen and Drawing Case – Capture your designs and store them in the ergonomically designed case

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